Innovative research performed by Dr. Michael Rützler together with Prof.  Søren Nielsen from Aalborg University and Prof. Per Kjellbom from Lund University have led to the concept that inhibitors of aquaporin function hold potential for being developed into a therapy for reducing the high blood levels of glucose in diabetes patients.

Based on this research and initial performed drug discovery program resulting in potent and selective small molecule inhibitors, Apoglyx will focus on the preclinical development and the commercialization of proprietary Aquaporin technology. The owners of the company are the three researchers together with Lund University Innovation AB and Red Glead Discovery AB.

Apoglyx shall own all intellectual property with respect to small molecule inhibitors and their use and could be sold as a development project in its entirety to one buyer. The predicted development time is 2-3 years with an exit in 2020.